Daily Mail 24th May 2012 – It’s time to make another celebrity suicidal

Another day another celebrity who is falling foul of Dorian Grey syndrome and continues to age and be seen in public. This time it’s Janice Dickinson the vultures have it in for who dares to bare 57 year old thigh skin with some wrinkles. According to the Mail its time for Janice to dress her age!

Better dress your age from now on Miss Dickinson because the Mail Online says so

Mail Online are kind enough to say ‘she still looks amazing for 57’ before writing the equivalent of finding sick in their mouths with ‘as she walked along her legs looked unflattering as her wrinkled skin was on full show.’

Luckily for Janice they then delve into her financial woes and worries so at least they give her some modicum of dignity to hold onto.

I have resisted the urge to copy the close up shot of poor Miss Dickinson’s upper thigh. This lady has been quite candid in the past about overcoming personal addictions and problems so whilst she might be annoying as fuck lets spare her that indignity here.

No doubt the Mail Online writer who penned this little piece of poison must be very pleased with themselves (It’s the omni present ‘Daily Mail Reporter with no byline to attach to a human being.) Perhaps we must assume that this particular piece of celebrity based bile has been cooked up by one of the satanic minions they keep in the cellar and feed on human misery.

Repeat the mantra: ‘This is not real life this is the Daily Mail Website.’


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