Daily Mail 24th of May 2012 ‘Lets make pregnant women feel like shit’

Today the lovely Antonia Hoyle has decided it’s the perfect day to make all new and expectant mothers alike to feel like shit about themselves.

The aptly titled ‘What pregnancy did to our bodies: Six brave mothers reveal the toll having a baby has taken on their figures’ is a glowing example of gutter Mail Online style where they parade a bunch of unsuspecting Mums on their pages to all reflect in equal disgust over their HUGE STRETCH MARKS – SAGGY BUSTS – HUGE ASSES AND THIGHS.

Yes how dare these women have bodies that deemed it acceptable to change in pregnancy. These women should obviously be whipped to within an inch of their stretch marked flesh with birch twigs and paraded naked through their town centres like the Hagen Daas guzzling social pariahs we know them to be.

As Antonia sadly reflects not all of us can flaunt the enviable post pregnancy bikini bodies that most celebs who grace the Mail Online fabled pages can.

True Antonia but then the average human being does not have access to personal trainers, nutritionists, unlimited time off for exercise and recuperation, top plastic surgeons on speed dial or handy stretch mark avoiding surrogates on hand.

Repeat the mantra with me everyone. ‘This is not real life this is the Mail Online’.


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