Daily Mail Friday 25th May 2012 – Lets bitch about celebs with veiny arms (Meg Ryan first)

Another day another round of evil this time from gutter crawler Cassie Carpenter (sounds like a canine kitchen fitter) who has obviously managed to pull her fingers away from her own gusset just long enough to spew out a bile encrusted little number about Meg Ryan’s arm veins.

As the delightful Cassie states ‘She was once Hollywood’s sweetheart, but yesterday Meg Ryan turned heads for all the wrong reasons.’ The amazingly witty ‘So vein’ headline opener must have been a real triumph for little Cassie as she went to great lengths to regurgitate past unflattering photos of women who have the audacity to have veins in their body that carry blood to their hearts!?!?

By ensuring  images of Madonna, SJP and Angelina Jolie all made the grade Cassie has triumphed in the knowledge that all morbidly obese Mail Online readers can sit smug with chocolate coated arteries opining that if that’s what exercise does for you then count me out.

So lets examine why these women have protruding veins? Actually who even cares? I would imagine it’s because they all exercise a lot as veins that stand out are normally a sign of being incredibly healthy.

‘Trout pouted’ ‘faded star’ ‘pressure to stay thin’ ‘overexertion’ ‘dehydrated skin’. Poor Meg sound like she has just crawled out of rehab and into a dumpster truck the way Cassie phrases things.

Cassie Carpenter obviously does not have any veins as you need a heart to pump blood round a body and the average Mail Online Journalist is ‘Undead’

Luckily she seems to have the right attitude to things with a tattoo on her arm reading ‘life is short’ .That’s corrrect Meg too fucking short to give a toss what the Mail Online thinks.

The arm is displayed above in all its horror – No doubt Meg will be deciding whether to become an elective double amputee after reading this.

Repeat the mantra: This is not real life this is the Daily Mail Online


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