Daily Mail 26th May 2012 – Tony Blackburn is an awful fuck apparently

If you can restrain your gag reflex long enough then today the Mail Online can regale you with how BBC DJ Tony Blackburn couldn’t fuck his way out of a paper bag.

Somebody called Margot Webb who looks like Pippi Longstocking on methadone has kindly divulged to the ubiquitously vehement Jan Moir that Tony was a real ‘Wham Bam Thank You Mam’ kind of lover who left her clitoris all asunder.

Apparently Margot was enraged when Tony referred to her as the Duracell Bunny with a bit of grey round the edges in his bestseller ‘Life as an unlikeable wanker’.

It seems that Margot is aggrieved at Tony because he didn’t really treat her  right during the time they fucked each other behind his wifes back. Now after exposing her name in some wankathon book like the shitheel he is she has decided to take the moral high ground.

This type of Z list tripe os something the Mail thrives on. Guess what everyone? People have affairs, Men fuck other women when they are married. Apparently Tony has fucked over 500 women which must offer some hope to the loneliest individuals out there.

Repeat the mantra: This is not real life this is the Mail Online.